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 About the Film

“WAGES OF SIN is the type of film you wish people would make more often: Interesting,  well-developed characters, beautiful photography, and an edgy story that questions the moral stereotypes of society.  The film is engrossing from start to finish, and you'll never see the end coming."


Jon Wagner, Producer/Director   “Seven Below”;  “The Anniversary at Shallow Creek”


“WAGES OF SIN is a great blend of dramatic suspense and edge-of-the-seat intrigue that any fan of thrillers should see.  The performances hold you captive and the pacing is mesmerizing.”


Ross Otterman, Producer,  “The Employer”; “Death and Cremation”



WAGES OF SIN is a character-driven Thriller.


Set in rural America, in 1964, the film 

incorporates the dark humor of the COEN

brothers’  Fargo, with the quiet, lyrical

intensity of Terrence Malick’s Badlands.


Shot in High Definition, using the Red

camera, by Emmy-winning

Cinematographer Michael Franks, 

this richly-textured film has a definite 

film noir feel to it, in both theme and style. 



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